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Registration of the main parts of the abstract

The content is followed by an introduction, in which the student must describe the goals and objectives of his research in such a way as to interest the reader. The volume of the introductory part is from 1 to 3 sheets.

In the main part of the essay, the student must describe the analysis of sources on a given topic, research methods and its results. If student is unable to do it, the only way is to purchase work at the write my papers writing service. There is no need to completely rewrite the sources, it is important that the text is unique and there are no grammatical errors in it. All chapters should be approximately the same in length.

At the end of the study, a short conclusion should be drawn. In conclusion, the student's task is to express his own opinion on the solution of the task at hand. He should make this conclusion after studying the publications of other authors. The volume of the conclusion should be slightly larger than the volume of the injection recommends service writers.

How to correctly format the text of the abstract

The same requirements are imposed on the design of the entire text:

  • To print your abstract correctly, you need to use A4 white paper. Printing is done on one side.
  • The text is executed in a single font. Methodology allows the use of other fonts only to highlight significant elements, but this is undesirable. Most often, an abstract is drawn up in Times New Roman font.
  • The font size in the abstract must be at least 12 pt, in most cases 14 pt is used.
  • The requirements of the university for the design of the abstract contain the parameters of the paragraphs. A sample of such requirements: one and a half line spacing, the first line indent is 1.25 cm, alignment in width, there are no indents on the right and left, the spacing before and after the paragraph is zero. It is enough to set the correct parameters of the paragraph indentation in the abstract once and use it throughout the text.
  • It is forbidden to highlight titles in bold (the use of bold in research reports is generally prohibited by methodology). Thats recommendation from the writers. The headings of the structural elements - introduction, conclusion, bibliography and chapters - can be printed in capital letters. Sub-headings begin with an uppercase letter, followed by lowercase letters (as in a normal sentence). After the number of the section or subsection, as well as at the end of the heading, a full stop is not put. The use of dots is only permissible if the name consists of two sentences.
  • The numbering of pages in the abstract is obligatory. According to methodology, the title page is considered the first, but the number is not put on it.

Write a conclusion in the abstract: a sample of a well-formed conclusion

What should be in the conclusion of the abstract

How to design applications in the abstract: an example (sample) of the correct application

Design of individual elements of applications

Correct design of the abstract in accordance with methodology in 2021: sample, requirements


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